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Name : Jim Severt
Nickname: Hacksaw
Age: 32
Bike: Gack 26" Speed Demon w/ Marzocchi DJ fork ,Atom Lab wheels, Profile 175mm cranks ,
Gack 39 tooth Hefty Bash Guard sprocket, Gack super secret bars and stem, and of course
Solid "Death" Grips.
Sponsors: Gack Bike Co., 50/50 board shop, Bicycle warehouse.
Favorite Riding: Dirt Jumps , Street and SK8 Parks a little racing here and there.
Kid: Yo "Peanut" Michael age 12 Super Bad A$$ on a bike (Mountain and BMX), his newest tricks
include supermans and nothings.
Favorite Tricks: Handplants on spines , Crank flips , 360's , big grinds , anything that is fun and cool.
Last Known Sighting: Anywhere I can get to on the West Coast.
Famous last words: Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'......................